About the Rambling Readers

The Tale of Two Readers

My sister and I are almost like twins. We share a love for books, history, and traveling (among many other things).  A few years ago, we decided to venture into the blogging world.  It has mainly become my endeavor, but my sister lends her help with proofreading. Although we are both bookworms, our tales that led us to reading are different...

The Tale of One Reader

Several years ago, I was not a bookworm.  Today, thanks to my sister, I am; and I cannot imagine what I did before I rediscovered the joy of a good book.  Books are my stress-relievers and companions. My daily reading regimen is to read for a few hours each day. Since I work full-time, my reading time is limited to my lunch hour and my wind-down time before bed.

I enjoyed reading as a child, and I especially loved reading books like the Boxcar Children with my mother.  Sometime after elementary school, I drifted away from reading and did not return to my old hobby until college.  After my lifelong bookworm sister persistently asked me to start reading I again, I finally relented and read Hope by Lori Copeland.  I was immediately pulled into the light-hearted, adventurous novel with a spunky heroine.  Gradually, my inner bookworm began to re-emerge.  Who would have thought I would be a reader and book blogger?

The Tale of Another Reader

Unlike my sister, I have been a bookworm since a young age.  As a very young child, I asked my mother to read Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes until I memorized many of them. Throughout elementary school, I eagerly awaited the next Scholastic book order, and I loved the Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley Twins series.  Reading was my reward after completing my school work.   

Today, visiting the library and bookstore or browsing books online is something that I cannot resist.  Finding a new book and anticipating the twists and turns in the plots is exciting.  Reading continues to be a way that I can reward myself after a long day at work.  Since my sister has become such an avid reader, we can discuss the books that we read and analyze their plots.  I have to admit, in terms of the number of books read, she is now more of a bookworm than me! In fact, she is the one who writes most of the blog posts!


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