Sunday, October 10, 2010

June Bug by Chris Fabry

Rating: 5 stars

June Bug is a poignant novel of survival, sacrifice, family and love.  June Bug is a spunky, but mature 9-year-old traveling around the United States with her father in an old RV.  At least, she believes the man she has been living with for the past seven years is her father.  When she sees her face on a missing child poster in Wal-Mart, June Bug's life veers down an uncharted road.  As June Bug seeks the truth from her father, John, he is forced to confront memories of a painful past.  Meanwhile, June Bug's biological grandparents in West Virignia are struggling to uncover the truth about their beloved granddaughter's disappearance while dealing with the painful questions of their daughter's involvement.  Chris Fabry's vivid story-telling will keep readers turning the pages as the truth unfolds and the characters' lives irrevocably change.

June Bug captivated me from the first page.  Chris Fabry masterfully tells the story from several perspectives of the individuals impacted by June Bug's disappearance: June Bug, John, the grandparents, and the police officer heading the investigation.  Each perspective is equally moving, but June Bug's voice is especially compelling.  I was anxious to discover the truth about June Bug's life and how she came to live with her father, John.  The ending, though bittersweet was not a disappointment.  I would love to read a sequel to the novel that picks up several years later because I wonder what life holds for each character further down the road. This novel is one of those rare thought-provoking gems that I find myself thinking about even a couple of days after finishing it.  June Bug is the first book I have read by Chris Fabry, and I am anxious to read his other novels.

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