Sunday, February 6, 2011

Never Say Never

"Never Say Never" may be a cliche phrase, but it has proven true for these two rambling readers over the past few months.

First, we started this blog, something that we never expected to do.  But, the chance to review books and receive complimentary copies was just too hard to resist, and our blog has proved to be a fun diversion. 

Second, we bought a Kindle. This is a new acquisition, purchased this past Friday.  We have downloaded a few free books, but we have yet to begin reading anything other than the user manual.  An e-reader will never surpass our affection for actual books, but it is a good option for two readers who are running out of room on their bookshelves.  Our virtual bookshelf can hold about 3,500 titles, though I doubt we will come close to filling it.  I am anxious to read a novel on our Kindle, but I have a few books lined up by my bed before I can embark on my first journey through a virtual novel.  Hopefully I will enjoy the trip.

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