Saturday, September 24, 2011

Apple Pickin' and Simple Livin'

Ahh, the joys of fall...

The beginning of fall called for a weekend excursion to Carter Mountain Orchard, where we enjoyed apple picking, scenic mountain views, and an escape to simplicity with a friend.  The ground was muddy from recent rains, but it gave us a reason to wear our fun rain boots while trekking around the orchard. Somehow worries drift away with the cool breezes of a pleasant autumn outing.  Of course, no fall trip is complete without some comfort food: fresh baked apple cider doughnuts and hot apple cider.

We also visited a local Clothier Shop at historic Michie Tavern (circa 1784) and were instantly reminded of Laura Frantz, her novels, and her love of period clothing.  Driving through the foothills and mountains, it is easy to see why Thomas Jefferson decided to settle in the area. Monticello is a stunning landmark itself, forever exemplifying Jefferson's visionary talents as an architect, inventor, and Founding Father.

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