Saturday, March 17, 2012

Review of "Bourne" by Lisa T. Bergren

Rating: 5 Stars
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Review: Lisa T. Bergren's novella, Bourne, is like a delicious mini dessert. It is a tantalizing continuation of Torrent, just the right size to satisfy your appetite but leaving you anxious for your next chance to indulge. Following the pattern of the first three novels, Bourne continues seamlessly where the last novel ended.  Although this is a novella, the action, romance, and details are not lacking.  As always, there is looming mortal danger for the characters and the acts committed by the enemies are more brutal. 

Bourne allows us to experience the story from the perspectives of both Gabi and Lia, which is a refreshing change. Gabi is in many ways the quintessential newlywed, focused on her husband, and Lia's perspective provides a welcome balance. Lia has been present throughout all three River of Time novels, showing bravery and strength, but the only knowledge we've had of her thoughts and emotions have been thorough Gabi.  Lia's friendship with Luca adds some light and humor to the tense situations that permeate the Betarrini sisters' medieval life.

Each addition to the River of Time series leaves me thirsty for more. Although each novel concludes, there is so much potential for more action and adventure.  I find myself wanting to hear more of Lia, Luca, and the complicated Lord Greco. 

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