Monday, September 3, 2012

Tales of Western Adventure: Part 1


This summer, we finally lived out our dream of traveling to the "Wild West."  Our itinerary was full of things to see in Yellowstone National Park; Cody, Wyoming; and Grand Teton National Park. After months of exciting trip research, we boarded a plane for the first time and set out to discover the west. Coming from the east, we knew that we would be amazed by the majestic landscape, but our expectations were far exceeded.  It was truly the trip of a lifetime, and one that we will never forget. The diversity of the landscape,  purity of the rivers, other-worldliness of Yellowstone's thermal features, and rugged mountains, are truly breathtaking.  The west is an area that you need to experience first-hand to fully appreciate the majesty and magnitude.  

Day 1: Flying to Wyoming

Our first view of snow-capped mountains.  Watching the landscape change from the flat Midwest to the rugged terrain of the west was the best part of flying.  Fortunately the weather was perfect!

 We drove through Idaho on our way to Yellowstone from Jackson Hole, WY.  There were potato fields for miles, and a few small towns scattered along the way.  One of them was Victor, home of the Victor Emporium with "famous" huckleberry milkshakes. 

Victor is a one traffic signal town.  Surprisingly, we did get in a traffic jam for 20 minutes, waiting for new asphalt to dry. 

The landmark of Driggs, Idaho is the Spud Drive-In Theater. 

 After a long day of travelling, we finally arrived in West Yellowstone, Montana.  It is a touristy western town, tacky in some ways, but charming too. 

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