Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Bit of Perplexing Trivia...

About a week or two ago, I was browsing through the Sunday newpaper, and I happened upon the "Books and Authors" supplemental section with book reviews provided by members of the Associated Press and other special correspondents.  The cover of one of the books immediately grabbed my attention because it was almost identical to the cover of Nancy Moser's An Unlikely Suitor, a spring release that I am eagerly anticipating.  But, it was not  An Unlikely Suitor, and because I was preparing for work, I set the paper aside with plans to look at the review more closely later. And as things usually go, the work week was busy, more time passed... and the paper was accidentally recycled!  Now, it is really bugging me because I want to figure out the title of the other book.  I would assume it was historical fiction, but it may be nonfiction.  I have tried searching the Internet and newpaper archives with no luck!  I am fairly certain that it was the same picture of the lady climbing the stairs, but I believe the man was absent from the right-hand side. 
Can anyone help me solve this puzzle?

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