Tuesday, January 4, 2011

For Time & Eternity, Allison Pittman

Rating: 5 stars

The first installment of Allison Pittman’s The Sister Wife Series is a poignant introduction to Camilla Deardon’s story that will resonate with readers long after the last word is read.  For Time & Eternity introduces readers to Camilla’s journey from her Christian home to life in a Mormon community.  Captivated by the handsome and charming Nathan Fox, Camilla chooses to leave her strict home and embrace the love offered by Nathan and his fellow Mormons.  While her marriage and family flourishes in the beginning, the less ideal aspects of the Mormon faith are soon unveiled.  For Time & Eternity is a story of love, faith, and sacrifice, and Camilla must make challenging and life-changing decisions.  

I have been a fan of Allison Pittman’s work since reading her first novel, Ten Thousand Charms, and I have enjoyed each of her novels.  For Time & Eternity tops my 2010 reading list.  Allison Pittman delves into a theological subject matter without creating novel that is too “preachy” or heavy. Camilla’s story intrigued me from the first page and kept me engrossed until the very end.  I empathized with Camilla’s plight and mourned her losses.  The novel lingers in my mind and I often discuss it with my sister, who also read the novel.  Very rarely am I so moved by a novel, and I am anxiously awaiting the next chapter in Camilla’s life.  For Time & Eternity is not a light read. In fact, it can be somewhat heartbreaking, but it is indescribably moving.  This is a must-read novel that will long remain on my bookshelf and in my heart.  

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