Sunday, July 17, 2011

Revisiting a Favorite Novel

I love finding a book that is truly a timeless treasure.  This weekend, I revisited Courting Morrow Little by Laura Frantz.  I first read this novel last year on a 10 hour plus train ride home from vacation.  From the first page, maybe even the first sentence, I was completely captivated.  What better way to spend one's confinement on a swaying train than engrossed in the pages of an amazing novel by a favorite author? I finished the book in one sitting and still had time to enjoy the passing scenery outside of my train window after I read the last page.

This weekend, despite having a list of new books to read, I was once again drawn to the story of Morrow Little.  Although it has only been a year since I read the novel, I was as engrossed in the plot as the first time I opened the book. In fact, I stayed up well past midnight lost in Courting Morrow Little. That is a strong testament to the power of a 5 plus star book from the pen of a skilled author.  Needless to say, I am anxiously awaiting the release of The Colonel's Lady, as I have no doubt that it will be another treasure!

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