Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Grand Old State Fair

Something about the chill in the air makes me long for an old-fashioned state fair, which brings to mind the State Fair musical from 1945. I wonder how closely the musical mimicked real state fairs of the past.  Were they really the appealing mixture of charm, fun, and sophistication that I attribute to the fairs of yesterday or did they closely resemble the fairs of today? Did women really wear nice dresses and heels and the men suits and ties? The fashion has changed, without a doubt.  But, there is an element of the past in the present with  livestock, agricultural, and craft competitions...and somethings never change: the food, the occasional obnoxious vendors, and the buzz of energy in the air.

State fairs and local fairs are traditions for families and communities. There is history in tradition, which is the common thread to the past and the future.  Even though clothes, rides, and events might change, the infamous state fairs still offer the excitement and family atmosphere that past generations enjoyed and future ones will too.

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