Sunday, October 2, 2011

Review of ReMatch & MatchPoint by Erynn Mangum

 Total Rating: 5 Stars
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Synopsis of the Books from 

  • ReMatch - Lauren Holbrook believes that God matched couples before time began, but some just require a coordinated introduction. No one plays love connection better than Lauren, an undercover Cupid on a mission to connect clueless friends! The next couple in waiting? Brandon and Hannah, two unsuspecting pals who are perfect for each other in every way. They just don't realize it yet. But as Lauren grows closer to her friend Ryan, and her single father unexpectedly falls in love, she discovers the joy found in trusting God's perfect plan instead of her own.
  • MatchPoint - Now that she's successfully matched four couples, Lauren Holbrook is wondering if she'll always be the bridesmaid and never the . . . or will she finally admit that she and Ryan are more than "good friends"? But handsome Keller Stone may try to convince her otherwise. A riotous, romantic conclusion to Mangum's caffeine-laced series!
Review: I went on a reading spree this weekend and finished Erynn Mangum's addictive and funny Lauren Holbrook series.  It was time well spent.  I decided to read ReMatch and MatchPoint together, like one novel.  After I completed ReMatch I was very anxious to finish Lauren's story, and I was not disappointed. Both of the novels contain the same humor, match-making schemes, quirky characters, Jane Austen discussions, and infusion of chocolate and coffee that were so endearing in MissMatch. One of my friends described the series as "cute,"  which is an accurate description.  Each novel is a fun and fast read with a refreshing element of youthfulness. Lauren matures throughout ReMatch and MatchPoint; and with her maturity, we see more introspection.  We see her struggle with the concept of growing up, something to which many 20-somethings can relate.  

MatchPoint offers a wonderful balance between humor and tenderness.  Lauren finds herself the subject of matchmaking schemes, which made me laugh. Ryan and Lauren are a comedic duo with an endearing relationship.  Of course, the big question is will Lauren and Ryan become more than "just friends?" Lauren faces various changes and challenges throughout both novels, but lightens every situation up with her trademark wit and wackiness.  After three novels, the ending of MatchPoint left me completely satisfied, the perfect conclusion to the trilogy.  It was not rushed, but brewed to sweet and warming perfection, a quality that Lauren so loves in her coffee. 

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